Late Late Toy Show Trailer

Excitement is mounting in IMAGE HQ as our inner child comes to the fore, visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads. Yes, it's almost time (well, little over a week) for *drumroll please* The Late Late Toy Show 2014. And here's the teaser trailer.

Last year we genuinely enjoyed the Late Late Toy Show, which people love to critique. This year we're expecting bigger and better things, and even cuter kids. With any luck, John Joe will be back with his collection of clocks and who knows, even Westlife could reunite.

Next Friday, we're expecting lots and lots of Frozen references, hideous jumpers modelled as always by the ever slender Tubbers and plenty of awkward moments as Ryan does his best to guide us through a show punctuated with wide-eyed children who don't care for rules.

Bring. It. On. This world of pure imagination.



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