The #Dogbun Is Here And It Is Very Adorable

Remember the #Manbun thing that was all the rage not so long ago? Well, that's now a thing of the past, and cute puppies with a hairstyle known as the #Dogbun on social media is now taking over.

Instagrammers have delightedly taken to styling their puppy's hair (and often their own) in a tiny topknot, and while the results mean some seriously cute snaps, we stress that this is only a good idea if it doesn't cause your beloved pet any sort of discomfort. You don't want to pull on your pooch's hair (or ears) so much that it might cause them pain.

Still, these pets look happy (and very on trend in the hairstyles department), and these pictures will definitely perk up your Saturday.

Would you give your pup a Dog Bun?

Ozzy rockin' the #dogbun #dogsofinstagram

A photo posted by Roseanne Dela Rosa (@rdelarosa85) on


#dogbun A photo posted by Madah? Morales (@madahimm) on


How does this #topbun look on me? #puppybun #onfleek #dogbun

A photo posted by Waffles (@waffles_the_dog) on



A photo posted by @catdevnull on

Too cool for you #dogbunthursdays #Tedmeister #dogbun #maltipoo

A photo posted by BrendaGutierrez (@brendaeguther) on

Dog knot!! #topknot #dogbun #dog #cute #love

A photo posted by Philippa (@philippaslondon) on



A photo posted by Debby Chance (@debbyszoo) on

When bae has a man bun #dogbun #borrowmydoggy

A photo posted by rhiannon collins (@rhirhicollins) on


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