#TBT: DCU Does Denim

Do you like 90's fashion, mom jeans and cringey photo shoots? Then we've got the perfect throwback for you....

Picture this. It's 1994, denim is the new black and everybody is dressing normcore before they even knew normcore existed. Thirteen DCU students gathered in a photostudio for a special feature with Image Magazine on denim jeans (all the rage apparently), something they probably thought would never survive past the new milennium, but fear not. We couldn't let this little gem go to waste. Have a look, and maybe a laugh, through our 1994 denim shoot straight from the archives and read the transcript below of this blast from the past as students discussed how they wore jeans fifteen years ago. Such as maby with 'a poloneck and jacket to be dressy', or 'a denim shirt and Chelsea boots for college' as the young men explain. Or for the women in the group, 'a bodysuit or a chic shirt.' Even the pig-tailed Jenni, usually a 'nineties hippy dresser' couldn't say no to a bit of Armani denim. It seems loose-fitting and comfortable 'especially around the bum' are key factors, although the group themselves are not shy of some flattery. Mark McNulty claims 'They show off my torso beautifully!' while Tara Broughan admits she especially loves 'her backview of them.' If you happen to know anyone in this priceless shoot, please feel free to tag them mercilessly. Personally, we're dying to know if Julio, the Erasmus "babe" ever achieved his ambition of getting a 'beautiful Irish wife'???

True Blues, April Issue, 1994

What do today's students wear? Denim, denim and more denim. But though denims are the uniform on campus, the brand and how it is worn, are not. From this jean pool, IMAGE rounded up 13 discerning students, kitted them out in different labels and asked their opinions.

Suzana Gago Sanchez, 22, is an Erasmus student doing International Marketing and Languages. Originally from Madrid, Suzanna is very happy in Pepe- 'I like how they fit very tight, I would wear them in black at night to be smart.'


Neville Reilly, 21, studying Electronic Engineering.?'Nice and loose-fitting. I'd definitely wear them- with anything', he says. 'A poloneck and jacket to be dressy; or shirt or sweatshirt for college'.

Yvonne Morris, 19, studying journalism. She could imagine these teamed with a black DV8 anskle boots and a John Rocha Shirt.

Mark McNulty, 21, reading Business Stydies. 'They show off my torso beautifully!' he declares. "What's more, they are very comfortable- absolutely necessary for a student". He would wear them with shirt, tie and jacket to dress up or denim shirt and Chelsea boots for college.

Sorcha Edwards, 17, studying Applied Languages. 'Quite comfortable, not too tight on the leg and the length is good', is her verdict. She would dress these up with a bodysuit of a chic shirt.

Tara Broughan, 19, studying International Marketing and Languages, wears Inwear Ladies Jeans. Tara wears jeans every day except Christmas and loved these- especially her backview of them.

Neal Lindsay, 21, a Business Studies student, wears Gazara men's jeans. Neal confesses to "many pairs of Levis in various stages of disintegration", but could be a Gazara convert. 'I really like them, not too baggy around the hips and very comforable, especially around the bum'.

Jenni Casey, 18, studying international Marketing and Japaneese, wears Armani ladies jeans. Normally a nineties hippy dresser, Jenni was slightly over-awed by wearing such a potent label, but had nothing but praise- 'nice soft denim and very comfortable'.


Julio Herero-Pino, 22, an Erasmus student from Madrid, studying International Marketing and Languages, wears Wrangler jeans. 'I want them, I need them", he cried. Unanimously elected 'a babe' by all females present, Julio should have no problem fulfilling his ambition - a beautiful Irish wife.

Nicky Timmons, 20, studying Computer Applications, wears Paul Costelloe's Dressage Collection blue jeans. Coaxed out of her usual men's Levi's, Nicky had to admit she liked these Paul Costelloe jeans a lot. 'The denim is really soft and comfortable. I'd wear them somewhere spexcial, maybe with a shirt and blazer. Very dressy jeans'.

Colin Cunningham, 21, studying Electronic Engineering, wears Matinique men's jeans. Just elected President of the Students' Union on the slogan "A Model President", Colin is no novice to the limelight. Of Matinique, he says, they "have a nice loose fit", but he is more a Levi's man "washing and wearing my favourite pair non-stop".

Julie Carbery, 17, studying Applied Physics, wears ladies' Levi 901's. One of ten females in a class of 80 students, Julie usually wears men's Levi 501s. "But I like the colour of these, they have a nice fit at the waist, and are not too tight" she decides.

Maurice Troy, 20, studying Applied Physics, wears faded men's Levi 501's, definitely his natural habitat. This Levi's addict came back from a working summer in the US with six pairs to see him through the year! "Great, very comfortable. I wear them every day".

The thirteen students were part of the DCU fashion show organised to raise 12 scholarships of 3,000 pounds each for students from the Ballymun area.

Photographer: Ronan O'Raw.


Stylist: Liz McDonell

Hair: Jenny Crawford

Make-Up: Fiona Connon

Rachel lavin @RachelLavin


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