Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Keep Adorableness Alive One Year On

Remember this time last year when the sweet, lovely corners of the Internet went into a bit of a frenzy when photos of Taylor and Calvin holding hands outside a grocery store started to trickle out? And then the?cynical corners immediately began making snarky remarks about how Calvin better stay in line otherwise Swift's "Blank Space" persona would leap out and start shredding his clothes and scrawling'song lyrics on the walls in red lipstick about how he broke her heart.

Well dark side of the Internet you may take this as'music's favourite (and wealthiest) couple telling you to politely shove it.
This week they're celebrating their one-year anniversary since meeting at the ELLE Style Awards in 2015 and the adorable duo did exactly what you'd expect - exchanged super sweet and thoughtful gifts and baked a cake.

3.6.15 One year down! ??

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Taylor posted this Instagram of an antique-looking locket with the date of their meeting inscribed on it. It's possibly the most Taylor-esque piece of jewellery we've ever seen. Boy did good.


Calvin also posted a video of the couple's cake on SnapChat, simply saying "one year.... well that was easy". He's obviously learning how to throw subtle "you didn't think we'd make it" shade like a Swift pro.?

Kanye probably already has his Calvin diss tweets saved in drafts because no doubt Mr. Harris will be after him. He certainly hasn't been afraid to defend his girlfriend's honour?on social media.

We hope that the next year brings as much adorable photos and relationship flaunting as we've seen these past twelve months. Congratulations you two!


Friendly relations between Scotland and America. @calvinharris

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Is it time for an official couple moniker? Tayvin? Callor??Swiftris? You decide.

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