Taylor Swift Apologises To Nicki Minaj

A few days ago we reported on the whole Nicki Minaj versus Taylor Swift Twitter feud, and today we're delighted to say that things have reached a resolution of sorts. Taylor Swift has apologised to Nicki for making the Anaconda star's MTV Video Music Awards snub for Best Music Video all about her and ignoring the points about race and gender that Nicki was trying to make in her original series of tweets.

?I thought I was being called out. I missed the point, I misunderstood, then misspoke. I'm sorry, Nicki,? Taylor tweeted yesterday evening. Nicki responded quickly, thanking Taylor and telling her ?That means so much?.


Taylor's initial reaction Minaj's tweets were wildly immature. While Minaj sparked a debate about her not getting nominated in an overall category for her wildly popular video for Anaconda, Taylor chimed in thinking it was all about her. It was disappointing behaviour from the 25-year-old singer whose media savviness is often untouchable in terms of critique.

Here's a brief reminder of what went down.

Taylor made issues even more awkward with this patronizing tweet.

It became a complete media storm these past two days, with Katy Perry even wading in to throw shade at Taylor. (The two have an alleged long-standing rivalry and Swift's Bad Blood is said to have been inspired by their fallout.)


Have to say, much as we love Taylor, she was wrong on this issue, but it's great to see her publicly apologise. Here's hoping Nicki Minaj performs at the VMAs and teaches everyone a lesson with a knockout routine.

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