Taylor Swift and Phoebe Buffay (Friends' Lisa Kudrow) Sing Smelly Cat And It Rocks

The weekend is almost upon us and our brains are starting to slow down and turn to jelly; perfect timing then, for a rendition of Phoebe from Friends' Smelly Cat sung by none other than Lisa Kudrow and, wait for it, Taylor Swift.

If you're a follower of Swifty, you may have noticed that at almost every single gig on her 1989 tour has featured a celebrity pal of some sort, demonstrating that Taylor is definitely the most popular girl in school (but not in a mean way) and that everyone from Matt Le Blanc to Ellen DeGeneres and even Alanis Morisette (not to mention her legion of model mates). Last night, it was time for Phoebs to grace the stage and though most other guests have tended just to wave and smile, Kudrow whipped out the guitar for a song that everybody loves.


Without wanting to ruin the performance for you, watch it here. Your 90s self will love it.

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