Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Are Moving In Together

Love's young fabulously wealthy dream, the sexy blonde pop coupling that is Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, is taking things to the next level. Yes, the Instagram Squad Goals queen and her golden-haired Armani ambassador are moving in together. Which means more social media posts like the above from that star-studded 4th of July party. Look at that view! Those tans! What we hope is genuine lasting love and affection!

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris

OK! is reporting that the two artists and music industry giants will be co-habiting in the very near future, after seeing each other since February. The couple have been snapped out and about, although not as often as they were with their previous partners, but have piqued fans and gossip lovers with their social media mentions of each other. Taylor has posted photos of her a Calvin hanging out poolside - far from that the Glasgow-born Calvin was reared - and Calvin has tweeted about Taylor's admirable stance against Apple Music, as well as posted Instagram photos of her cats, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey. He has also showcased appreciation of Taylor's cooking skills. When moving in with a lover, it helps if one of you can do more than scramble an egg.

2015 Billboard Music Awards - Roaming Show

A source told OK! that although the couple are constantly travelling for work, ?(t)hey practically live at each other's places whenever they have downtime? and that Taylor 'decided she was ready to take the next step.? After years of high-profile romances, the source says this is the?'real deal for them both? and they ?want everyone to know it.? Our favourite quote from the piece? ?Taylor trusts Calvin more than anyone she's ever met. He promised her he'd never break her heart, and she believes him.?


We want to believe too, after all, celebrity romance is in choppy waters these days. Be our beacon Calvin and Taylor. Our beacon with a gorgeous New York apartment and fluffy cats and baking evenings with supermodels where Ed Sheeran just drops in.

Via OK!


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