Sweden Are Eurovision Champions

We're betting there's a few feeling fairly fragile this morning after all of last night's celebrating. The world may have been talking about the passing of our iconic same-sex marriage referendum, but there was still plenty of time to don our Eurovision outfits (yes we dressed up) for this years show.

Basically in a nail-biting vote count, Sweden took the title for the 6th time. This means that they are rapidly catching up with us in the winning stakes, as Ireland has claimed the Eurovision crown 7 times. We'd better get our act together and qualify next year!

At one point it was down to just three countries - Sweden, Russia and Italy - but even before all the votes had been cast, Sweden was told they had it. Odds had said during the week that they would win, and it played out just like that.

Though it was a glitzy affair and we enjoyed some of the catchy tunes and the bit of craic, the overall show was a little meh. Conchita looked fabulous, though Austria, the host of this year's contest, were one of the few countries to score nul points, which must have been a bit mortifying for them. Famous chef Nigella Lawson also brought up a mini Twitter storm as she announced the UK votes (they scored just 5 points) while looking her usual glamorous self.

The Eurovision's guest of honour saw Australia be allowed to enter for the first time, and they faired well, placing fifth thanks to singer Guy Sebastian's (AKA Bruno Mars's twin bro) tune.


We enjoyed Marty's enthusiastic banter, but quite a few didn't enjoy Russia getting much of the popular vote, as quite a few boos were heard when they scored highly (Russia also allegedly refused to broadcast Conchita's performance). We liked Russia's song to be fair.

ICYMI: Ireland says Yes

Lithuania also received a great reaction, as they appeared to show support of gay rights by including a double same-sex kiss during their performance. Very fitting, considering the day that was in it for Ireland.

Watch the winning performance of 'Heros' by Mans Zelmerlow below:

So that's it folks, all over for another year. What did you think of the show?

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