Staying In For The Win: Your IMAGE New Years Eve Edit

Not going out this new years eve? Yeah, us either...

But don't get us wrong: we love getting dressed up and beautified as much as the next woman. But there's something considerably less appealing about braving the elements to ring in the new year.

And we know there's extra and (highly) unnecessary pressure added to the whole 7-minute long event (5-minute build-up beforehand, 2-minute come down afterwards) of NYE. There's the pressure of finding the right venue; along with trying to coordinate where your friends and family will be, as well as figuring out who you REALLY want to spend the night with. Then there's the outfit - new, of course. You can't let anyone see you with your Christmas clobber on - followed closely by the expense (?35 entry fee + €15 cocktails + double taxi fair = ?????), and, of course, the anxiety/the fear.

Here are the things we'll be doing on NYE instead of going out. So; won't you join us?

We're watching the countdown from around the world (from the comfort of our couch)



Firework and night view of St. Paul's cathedral

Why not finish what's left of the Christmas wine and enjoy the new year countdown around the world? Sky News broadcast the countdown from all major cities around the world including Hong Kong, New York, and Sydney, so you can marvel at their incredibly impressive firework displays. You can probably expect more sparks by watching this than standing awkwardly in a bar somewhere in town. Here's a handy NYE countdown timer so you can celebrate as each country rings in their new year's bells.

We're starting our inevitable post-Christmas body cleanse

Clean eating and drinking

The early bird catches the worm and all that. We're likely to ingest (inhale) an astonishing 7000 calories on Christmas Day alone - which is almost double our recommended'daily calorie intake. So we're going to finish the year how we mean to start the next one: healthily. If you're really feeling like a drink why not try this tasty non-alcoholic refresher from Marks & Spencer.

We're writing a congratulatory letter to ourselves



"Congratulations on surviving what was a pure migraine of a year". But seriously; reflection is really important for personal growth, so before we enter a brand new year we're going to be looking back on all the things (big or small) that we achieved throughout the year and address the things we found difficult. That way, next new year's you can read it back and see how much you've achieved since! *crosses fingers that next year isn't as lousy as this year* Go you.

We're going to make tasty things from our leftover Christmas chocolate and treats


...provided they're not already eaten that is. Making things like rocky road and chocolate fridge cake are super easy and?basically requires you to throw?leftover chocolate, fruit and nuts you have lying around into a big bowl, mix it together, add melted chocolate, and freeze. You can literally make anything from leftover crimbo food; so get creative!

?We're organising our socks



We really don't want to go out. Organisation is very important to us you know.. Plus, staying in means that you'll wake up fulfilled the next day and ready to tackle the new year fresh and bright #StayingInForTheWin.

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