Stage Fright

The Irish Heineken video that's going viral.

Performing to an audience is a Marmite sorta thing.? If you would rather die than strut your stuff in front of a crowd, this video clip will literally make your stomach drop a few floors. ?On the other hand, if you love to be in the spotlight, you're going to wish you'd seen the call to action back in March for hapless people with weird talents.? Here in the office late on Holy Thursday, our party tricks include: 1)The Flaming Belly Button (don't ask, but it is spectacular), 2) ukulele playing, 3) reciting Dante in Italian and 4) interpretive dance but funnily, we weren't tempted to show up for the gig.

Far from it. We couldn't even watch the final product without feeling physically sick. The Fear! And then we wondered what on Earth ended up on the cutting room floor- how many involuntary subjects actually hurled or sobbed when the curtain went up.

Clearly engineered by someone with a pathological mean streak and/or a psych degree, assisted by someone who can write a helluva waiver (these folk thought they were going to perform their hidden talent to a single camera), Stage Fright will make you think twice before you volunteer for anything again.



Laura George @lgeorge353

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