Solange Attacks Jay Z

We choose our top 3 theories and look at 4 outcomes of the leaked video


?All happy?families?are alike; each unhappy?family?is unhappy in its own way.? Tolstoy's famous quote seems rather apt for the scenario revealed yesterday, where footage showed Solange Knowles violently attacking Jay Z after the Met Ball, while Beyonce looks on in vain. The scene was caught on an elevator camera, showing Solange throwing some impressive (albeit shocking) high-kicks and slaps, throwing her hand-bag, spitting and yelling abuse at Jay Z, who for the most part remains calm and tries to defend himself, while the bodyguard restrains Solange.? Speculation has been running rife ever since, as to the possible motivation for the attack. We are big fans of Solange here in IMAGE HQ, so while we have been wondering and theorizing as much as the next person, we're steering clear of the ?Solange is a messy drunk? theories. Unlady-like and lacking in camaraderie we feel. It is unlikely that we'll ever find out the whole truth of what happened, and furthermore that what was leaked yesterday was ?a domestic? in all its disgusting privacy, complexity, and normality, but we cannot help but wonder? Here are our top 4 theories.

  • Repeated Infidelity There have been numerous theories around Jay Z's repeated and ongoing infidelities. Some point to Beyonce's latest songs and lyrics, such as Ring the Alarm," "Me, Myself & I," or "No Angel. This theory would attribute Solange's rage to the fact that she is more outspoken than her older sister and is also sticking up for her. The fact that Beyonce did not intervene nor defend Jay Z, and then left the Met Ball in a separate car to her husband with Solange, would seem to suggest that Beyonce felt her husband deserved what he was getting. Solange clearly cannot stand her brother-in-law and his mistreatment of her sister seems the most likely option.
  • Bullying The way the attack is dealt with in the video by everyone involved, suggested that this was not the first time. A blind item of gossip posted anonymously on, describes a screaming match that takes place between a woman celebrity and a man celebrity in a green room at an unnamed event. The event has been rumoured to describe Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange. The two people get into a violent altercation, initiated by the man snatching her mobile phone, going through it and subsequently screaming abuse at the woman, resulting in a physical attack. In the post the rest of the family are described as looking on in silence, much like Beyonce did on this occasion. It would suggest Jay Z is a bit of a bully, and that violent rows are common in the family.
  • Longterm Infidelity Numerous celebrity gossip websites have reported on Jay Z's fast and loose behavior after his concerts, supposedly sending champagne over to women and tables, having numerous flings. However, they all report on one long-term lover in Paris. Perhaps the altercation was over this mystery woman.



The Fallout


  • The marriage of one of the most powerful and together couples in the music industry is revealed to be a sham, or at least supposedly a lot more troubled than anyone had imagined. Beyonce's Mrs.Carter show currently touring worldwide, roots itself in her relationship with her husband, as is suggested in the title of the tour. The fact that she manages to smile so beautifully and convincingly directly after the altercation is tragic, as well as revealing the painted veil behind which she operates.
  • Solange does not come out of this looking well - without knowing the story behind it, she looks like an angry, violent person no matter how much we love her. Twitter was full of cruel but also very funny remarks, drawing on the fact that she isn't as famous as her elder sister and husband. Fingers crossed she makes a dramatic comeback
  • Beyonce's 'girl power' image- both her "Girls Rule The World" attitude and her 'ban bossy' campaign are undermined by her totally listless reaction to the fight. She's even described herself as a feminist in the past, but she certainly chooses not to take things into her own hands here.
  • Solange drew attention to that haircut. See below.


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