Sharon Horgan's Triumphant Return In Catastrophe

You didn't think we'd forget this one, did you? Queen of the anti-romcom and all around brilliant, funny woman (and IMAGE favourite) Sharon Horgan made a triumphant return to our TV screens last night in Season 3 of the hilarious (and critically acclaimed) Catastrophe, and its loving wit was a welcome antidote to?Trump's face, I mean Congress address happening Stateside. Right from the very beginning, the show made a big mark; we needed a romcom for grownups, and that's what we got - and then some. ?What began as a no-strings-attached hook up resulted in a marriage and two children between schoolteacher Sharon and American businessman Rob only three seasons in, things are on rather shaky ground.

Season three picks up right where it left off with an unexplained receipt for the morning after pill and a lot of questions for Sharon. Too bad she genuinely can't remember anything that happened so, she dodges his interrogation?attempts to find out the truth, and it's very, very funny. There's endless arguing, but everything feels as real as ever - mean and snarky, but hilarious and lovely.

And relevant; times are tough, life is hard, and Sharon's attempts to explain herself are a highlight: "It's been a tough time. Brexit, y?know. And?your?president.?

But can TV's favourite couple survive infidelity suspicions flying everywhere? It isn't easy. Rob admits to searching through her computer before Sharon says, yes, she strayed: ?"[Your search history] is primarily black guys and fat Johnny Depps," Rob complains. "I can't compete with that."

This glorious revelation resulted in the Twitter ire promptly?googling "fat Johnny Depp."


If you've yet to watch, get to the Channel 4 player and save, watch and repeat every week on Monday at 10 pm.


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