Select Stores

Select Stores is one of the wonderful institutions in Dalkey Village. We've embarked upon many a trip out there solely for the purpose of popping into Select Stores for one of their sensational smoothies and salads. It's a health store with real soul and dedication, and an extra infusion of charm thanks to its courteous proprietor Oliver McCabe and his sister Mairead, who have carried on the family business. Its produce is of a really high standard and nutrition is taken seriously. Oliver himslef is a trained nutritionist and has advised us often on what supplements to take or which veg to eat to put the pep back in our step. It's not all heavy health stuff though, sometimes Madonna blares loudly from the sound system and its window-seats offer the best people-watching spot in the village, so this a place to hang out in, not just pass through! Their selection of organic and natural beauty products that stretches from Dr. Hauschka to Phyts, is also one of its benefits. For the end of August they will be introducing four new smoothies as part of their Body Blend Cleanse menu. All the rage State-side already, these are 100% nutrient dense blended green vegetable smoothies with detox and energizing properties. We didn't need any excuses to hop in, but this can't hurt.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna


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