Sam Smith's Bond Song For Spectre Gets Music Video

Sam Smith's Bond song for the upcoming Spectre, Writing's On The Wall, has been garnering a mixed reception. Some people love its ballad vibe, while others think it pales in comparison to Adele's Oscar-winning Skyfall. All together now: let the sky faaaaaaaaaaallllll!

We still haven't made up our minds. While we love Sam, Nirvana is our PMS jam, there's something a little bit safe about this attempt at film history. Saying that, Adele did raise the game significantly with her song, making it rather difficult for a young artist to match her success.

Maybe the music video for Writing's On The Wall might change our mind? After all, it is soundtracking various clips of a troubled-looking Daniel Craig. Sadly there is no lingering swimming trunks shot because Spectre seems to be one of those Bond in the Snow movies. Can't be risking frostbite in intimate zones on her majesty's secret service. There's also a glimpse of 007 getting very passionate with Italian actress Monica Belucci up against an ornate mirror. The dream. French actress Lea Seydoux looks like she's going to enter the hall of film fashion crushes with a sleek wardrobe of fitted sweaters, sensible leggings and sunglasses.


Although, a few more flashes of handsome Austrian actor Christoph Waltz, the film's baddie, wouldn't have gone amiss. We all fancy Christoph, right?

Spectre is released October 26th.?

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