Rory Gilmore Got Married!

Alexis Bledel is no longer a teenager, and neither are you...

We're not going to lie. Today's secret celebrity wedding news has us feeling very old and noticing the grey hairs. Rory Gilmore got married, everyone! Alexis Bledel wed her boyfriend, Mad Men's Vincent Kartheiser, in June according to E! News. The pair met two years ago when Alexis guested on the hit AMC show. The ceremony took place in California and, as committed and unrelenting Gilmore Girls fans, we're just going to imagine the second dance belonged to Rory and Lorelai - Carole King's Where You Lead, obviously. We're also using this beautiful event as an excuse to assess the past lovers of Rory Gilmore and safely assume she ended up with someone a little bit more suitable. This is what we do while waiting for the release of the?third Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants movie. (Yes, there was a sequel.)

Let's just say we here at weren't Team Dean. We're actually pretty much the opposite of any man who gets married in haste and then cheats on his seems-nice wife with his ex-girlfriend because he's a little bit stumped about the confusing tapestry of life. Jared Padalecki was great in the role of small-town sweetheart though and is winning people over in Supernatural, one of our favourite shows to set the "series record" to.

Factors in favour of Jess include: his hair wasn't lame and he totally got Rory. The worst thing about Jess was he stood Rory up at her prom. Some things are insurmountable, no matter how much your bookshelf overlaps. The actor who played Jess was Milo Ventimiglia and went on to star in NBC's Heroes and that Rocky movie. He is not married, yet, but has a trend of momentary monogamy with co-stars, having enjoyed relationships with our dear Alexis and Heroes colleague Hayden Panettiere.


Remember Logan? Of course you do. He was what we call divisive. You were either incredibly pragmatic and thought an aspiring journalist such as Rory was dead right to date the heir to a media empire, or you were still hung up on Jess and felt running away to San Francisco with a man who published a novel with a small press was a good life plan. Or maybe you thought, why aren't there more men attending television Yale and why is Rory tolerating man-child antics from this jerk? In our opinion Logan Huntzberger had more syllables and screen time that he deserved but we loved Matt Czuchry's portrayal of the rich kid. And the fact that Czuchry is amazing in?The Good Wife means he's also accompanying us on the journey that is Grown Up Television.

Were you Team Anyone when it came to Rory's love life?

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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