Robbie Williams Sings Wife Through Labour

While most expectant fathers will stand by their other half's side, clutching their hands as she huffs and puffs (and curses) through labour, reassuring her that everything's going to be just fine and that she's playing a blinder, Robbie Williams is just too much of a performer for that.

Determined to ensure that his wife was well distracted throughout the birth of their child, Robbie instead chose to prance around beside her, sharing his rendition of Frozen's Let It Go, such is the enduring popularity of that song.

You'd expect that his wife, Ayda, would have had enough of an issue with the cameras in her face, let alone her husband putting on a concert MID LABOUR, but turns out, she's quite the team player, and quite enjoyed the whole process. Nawww.

Welcome to the world, young (as yet unnamed) Robbie Williams.



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