Rave In The Morning

It started in Brooklyn, it's happening in London, and now it's reached these shores

Like any rash worth its salt, the 'morning rave? phenom that has been spreading across the globe, claims Brooklyn as its spiritual and actual birthplace. At the heart of its mission is the desire to turn morning culture upside down by transforming it into a pleasurable and fun part of everyone's day. Morning Gloryville is the original name of the movement, and unlike what one might expect from anything entitled ?rave?, this is not about drink, drugs or roll-overs from the previous night. On the contrary, these morning club events often offer yoga sessions, a juicing booth, massage therapists on hand, and an assortment of regenerative breakfast options.



Where does the element of rave come into it then you might well ask? Well all the above wholesomeness takes place to some high volume pulsing beats, and you are encouraged to do as you will and go hell for leather. The first Morning Gloryville launches in Dublin in July, whilst in the meantime PR masters Thinkhouse will be having their first private one this coming Saturday. Chirpy or churlish, your morning person vibes are getting revisited.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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