Q&A: Angela Scanlon Talks Friendship And Knickers

If you have yet to sit down and watch the flame-haired Angela Scanlon's new documentary series, you're missing out. Luckily, you can tune in again tonight and redeem yourself. Previously, the Irish stylist and TV presenter has explored topics such as dating in modern Ireland and getting fit, but here she turns her hand to something a little different and something right up her street (being of the self-professed nosy type); getting up close and personal (and inside the knicker drawers of...) with some very familiar names in showbiz.?In tonight's episode, airing on RTE2 at 10pm, we get a fun and quirky insight into the life of Dawn O'Porter, wife to Chris O'Dowd and one of the most adored women on TV. Here, Miss Scanlon sits down with us to talk all things friendship, fashion and more.

Angela Scanlon and Dawn O'Porter Angela Scanlon and Dawn O'Porter

You're meeting quite the collection of celebrities as part of your new series, how does Dawn O'Porter stand out to you?

She's a formidable, funny, feisty woman - my favourite kind.


What would people be surprised to learn about Dawn O'Porter?

I think people will find her openness and honesty extremely refreshing. She's completely grounded despite living a pretty 'heady' world. She's fiercely ambitious and wonderfully creative. I'm a little jealous of her fearlessness!

Have you become good pals? We're rather jealous.

We had so much fun filming the show and have seen each other since! I've been to her store in London and borrowed a dress from her BOB range. She's back in LA, but we're in touch and looking forward to a session at the next available opportunity!

We hear she dressed you up as a 90s hooker, do tell us more?

That was Dawn's idea. We styled each other in the best vintage store in New York. We (don't ask me how) were let up to the attic area that isn't open to the public and they very kindly let us try on whatever we wanted. Dawn dressed me as a 90s hooker in PVC and metallics and then as a 1940s war widow. I styled her as Edwina from Ab Fab and then gave her the dress of her dreams that she couldn't take home. It was at once, entertaining and painful.

What's the cornerstone of a good friendship to you?


Honesty. I find as I get older I have less in common with those who hide behind a glossy veneer. I connect with people who are open. Those who talk about real life in a real way. Things are not always perfect, and the ability to talk without fear of judgement is key. That and the ability to drink gin until dawn.

What would we find if we went rooting through your knicker drawer?

Not much since everything I own is on the floor.

Do you own things that would never see the light of day on Instagram?

I'm pretty ruthless about getting rid of stuff purely because I have no space. If I had my way, I would have a warehouse full to the hilt of everything I've ever owned but it's just not practical! Pretty much everything I wear at home is embarrassing. Giant tracksuit bottoms, ball-y old knits, everything is at least five sizes too big for me because comfort is my primary motivation. I recently bought a pair of wool trousers online, even for me, they were a step too far.

What inspired you to do this documentary series?

I'm naturally curious! This was an excuse to be professionally nosy. To get an insight into some pretty fascinating characters and their worlds. It's the dream gig.


What can we expect from future episodes, who's going to be featured?

We've had Sheamus (WWE Superstar) and Jason Byrne (comedy genius!), Dawn tonight. Things kick off next week with Katie Hopkins and then Rory O'Neill aka PANTI.

Angela Scanlon and Dawn O'Porter Angela Scanlon and Dawn O'Porter

Photo credit: Vinny Beirne

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