Prince George Is Fond Of Telling A Fib

But as usual, it's adorable, as are most things involving the two-year-old royal. According to People, George has been boldly going around telling folk he's a year older than he actually is - making him three instead of two. Aw! It's a harmless fib, to be fair. How many of you have little ones who have done the same. It's fairly common for young kids we'd say. Still, it seems like a very Prince George thing to do, given that the little lad manages to steal the spotlight practically every time he's photographed.

The prince, who just turned two on July 22nd, may now realise that the jig is up as his mother Kate has now informed everyone of his little white lie. Kate made the revelation as she met two-year-old Freddie Wilson this weekend, who introduced himself to her at Land Rover Ben Ainslie Racing's headquarters in Portsmouth, England. This was Kate's first official outing after the birth of her daughter, Princess Charlotte.

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Afterwards, Freddie's mother Wendy Maxwell told reporters, "She [Kate] asked him how old he was and he said 'I'm three.?? When I said he is only two, she said, ?George says that. He thinks that he's older.'"


Kate also spoke with two-year-old George Mills and his 13-week-old brother Harry, who had fallen asleep.

Cute! Do any of your little ones do the same thing?

Via People

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