Pride 14

The maddest and baddest weekend is back. Boy we love Pride...

We can't believe the earth has orbited the sun for a whole 365 days and landed us back here. The time flew, as it always does when you're having fun. Last year, Pride brought with it mighty rays, and a fair share of the cray cray behaviour. It was an intense one let's not lie. There will be a smattering of drops on the proceedings, but we doubt that that's going to dampen the mood. Here's a quick guide to what your mischievous self can get up to for Pride today in chronological order?

  • Non-boozy brekkie Pride are doing a non-alcoholic breakfast for LGBTs under 23 at Parliament House

  • The Champagne Breakfast Outhouse will be hosting this for all the older, naughtier LGBT members

  • The Parade! It starts at 12 pm from The Garden Of Remembrance, and last year was the biggest one to date with 36,000 people! They're expecting something similar this year, so let the games begin!

  • The Bear Party A classic must-do post-parade visit to the bears at Jack Nealon's

  • Mother Absolute Party The Mother block party is one of our highlights every year. It may have sold out, but you can join them later in The Exchange later on in the evening. If you want to take your boogying that much farther?.


For a complete list of ALL Pride related goings-on see here

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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