Possibly Our New Favourite Carol?

Okay, we've been listening to Christmas tunes since October - that's what the lifestyle and fashion media industry does to your meeting deadlines brain - but we think we may have found this year's cutest carol.

Hollywood actress and real life santa's helper Kristen Bell is adored the world over as the voice behind Anna in Frozen, although she'll always be sassy Californian detective Veronica Mars to us. While we'll almost certainly be singing Do You Want to Build a Snowman? every day between now and Twelfth Night, we think her latest effort at dominating winter playlists is on point. A collaboration with a capella band Straight No Chaser, Text Me Merry Christmas is a very modern carol. The seasonal message? Keep in touch with your loved ones, even with a text. As Kristen sings ?one smiley face will do :)? and 'send a selfie too.?

Or you could listen to Kristen and Straight No Chaser while writing actual real life cards! An Post recently announced their Christmas postal dates with the last dates for standard mail in the Republic going on December 20th. Catch the English cousins before December 19th. For the rest of the world check out anpost.ie.


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