Play It On

A new music night with a heart-warming twist to it, Play It On at the Sugar Club this Saturday will see a sort of Jools Holland style session with three bands playing two small sets and a fourth playing one full set - Jupes, Laura Elizabeth Hughes, Silences and Davina Brady will be launching this first night.? The whole lot will be followed by an instrument swap. Guests are invited to bring all their disused instruments which will then be donated to children with an interest in music but who don't have the means by which to buy their own instruments. It's an initiative for those who believe that everyone deserves to have the chance to give in to the music. Hamlet Sweeney, previously of the Song Room, explained to us why he's set up Play It On and why intends to expand and bulid it up over the coming months: "Over the last few years I've sought out people in difficult situations whose lives could be directly improved through music. Examples are a homeless guy who wanted to busk, a school for kids from families impacted by drugs I believe music can enrich people's lives and give a sense of worth and joy that transcends even the most difficult situations." The idea appeals to us as a wonderful initivative, and it indeed if music be the food of love... play it on.

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Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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