The Pitch Perfect 3 Trailer Has Landed And It Is Giving Us LIFE Today

It's been?five years since the first Pitch Perfect hit our psyches and properly kicked the female-focused buddy film into gear.

The sequel, Pitch Perfect 2 joined the elite ranks of sequels that weren't completely terrible and now the third installment looks set to be another winner. And why wouldn't it be? The premise is richly comedic (acapella singing groups competing in hilariously OTT-style at various competitions), the cast is mega (Rebel Wilson's character Fat Amy is one of the best creations of recent years) and there's SINGING. There's also a lot of heart and the fact that, thematically, female friendship trumps romantic storylines is'really refreshing. Also, it is hilarious mostly thanks to Wilson.


The musical arrangments of the franchise are the best feature and the third installment looks set to be the most impressive musically. The Bardem Bellas have all left college by this point and are the subject of a fly-on-the-wall documentary about the struggles facing former acapella stars who suddenly find themselves in the real world. Luckily a career in acapella is as good as anything else currently available to recent graduates (at least according to this film). The gang reunites to enter a show staged by the USO to support the troops in Europe, cue (acca) awesomeness. We are dying for this to land this coming December, a re-watch of the first two films is definitely in order and in the meantime check out the trailer right here.

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