People Are Furious Over Donald Trump's Sexist Comments To Female Journalist

We really can't blame people for expressing their rage. In short: Business tycoon Donald Trump, who has his eye on being the Republican candidate in the US presidential election, sparked a mass of outrage and fury on Friday night when he undermined journalist Megyn Kelly, alluding to her'menstrual cycle after she asked?probing questions about?Trump's past derogatory remarks about?women.

In the televised debate between Republican hopefuls, Kelly provoked Trump by challenging him on his attitude to women, noting that he has called women ?fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals?, in the past. Fox News host Kelly was the only female journalist taking part in the debate, so it was fitting that she would question Trump on this topic.

Her questions didn't sit well with Trump and he quickly turned on her, saying he didn't have time for ?political correctness,? (he's only fooling himself if he thinks comments like that were just ?politically incorrect?),? and said her comments were ?ridiculous? and ?off base? (they weren't), but he then went after Kelly, telling CNN: ?You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever.?

The insinuation that Kelly was menstruating, was so completely sexist and undermining that it rightfully sparked outrage. What's really alarming about the whole thing is that he continues to top the polls with almost twice as much support as the next most popular candidate.?

On the back of his misogynistic remarks, he was however suitably uninvited to a major political event. He then tried to back-track, taking to Twitter (almost 10 hours later), to say that his ?blood coming out of her wherever? comment meant her nose and nothing else. Apparently, he wanted to undermine the intelligence of everyone with that idiotic excuse. Here's the tweet:


He then added that we were all "'politically correct fools" tweeting that "we have to all get back to work and stop wasting time and energy on nonsense!? Yes, if you call degrading women ?nonsense.? What a complete tosser. He then tried to clarify the nose comment, saying "Only a deviant would think anything else.??

And as one fittingly put it: "There's no room for that, and there's no room for a candidate like that to become president of the United States.? Here here.

Kelly declined to comment on the matter.

What do you make of Trump's comments?


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