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Close your eyes and savour the smell - for a split second you could be in the Piazza Navona. Paulie's is one of the very few places in Dublin that promise, and deliver, authentic Neapolitan pizza using only Caputo ?00? flour, San Marzano tomatoes, the best mozzarella, slow proved dough and a proper wood fired oven (imported from Italy) which cooks at over 450 degrees Celsius.?Inside, the bustling atmosphere is infectious, enhanced by uber-friendly staff and seriously happy diners. We love their Margherita ?'simple but utterly perfect. But the garlicy Napoletana?is great too. (By the way, it's not all pizza, they serve pasta, gnocchi and cannelloni dishes too). The place is packed to capacity every night and although it's small enough Paulie's strikes the perfect balance between cosy and claustrophobic.PAULIES_PIZZA_PAGE_1

Top table The long tables work well if you're in a gang but seated next to the window on cosy banquette is still best.

In the know Upstairs, the cocktail bar is a thing of beauty - with bottle after bottle in all colours, shapes and size. On the menu quirkily christened cocktails like Snowstorm, Blues Brothers and Pow Pow Pow sound like fun to us.

Who to bring First date nerves will dissipate once you get inside this warm and lively spot but it's not a place to linger.


Don't leave without Checking out their Elektra Belle Epoque coffee machine. If Willy Wonka did coffee?

01 664 3658

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