Orphan Black Star Gets Real About Sexism & Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Orphan Black actress Tatiana Maslany despises sexism in Hollywood, and isn't afraid to talk about it. In short, these days sexism towards women in the entertainment industry is everywhere, and the Emmy-nominated star has had more personal experiences of this than she'd care to remember.

"I don't think that any woman in this industry hasn't [experienced sexism]," Tatiana told People. "I think we all have in various ways, and sometimes you can't even tell that it's happening because it's so ingrained in the way things are structured. Seventy or 80 percent of the people on set are male - directors, writers, producers, people in positions of power."

And Hollywood's demanding beauty standards? ?They are completely unrealistic,? she said. She mentioned that she's been asked to shave her armpits and wax her moustache, which she refused to do, commenting "I'll do it if the part calls for it and it makes sense." But, according to the 29-year-old, when she does say no, there can be a 'real power struggle.?

She then added that she ?couldn't even name the number of times,? she was a victim of sexism herself.

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"Like being told, 'Let's not talk about that, sweetheart,' if I have an issue with being hit on by a 50-year-old when I was 17 and on set. It's never-ending. Being put into this little outfit that showed my midriff in a scene where I'm supposed to be grieving the death of a family member, and it's like, 'Make sure that her belly button is showing'- it's just pathetic. It's so pathetic," she said.


We couldn't agree more.?Every day we hear more and more female celebrities come out and speak against sexism - Emma Thompson, Helen Mirren, Kirsten Stewart, and Rose McGowan to name a few - and it's something that must keep on happening, as we think it's shocking that it is still so rampant in 2015.

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?Tatiana however, is hopeful that a big change on this front is going to happen: "I can't imagine that it's going to stay stuck like this. I hope not! People are too upset, people are too pissed off and too many strong voices are now being heard," she continued. "There is a big shift happening, and It's just about bringing that sensitivity, your emotional life and your understanding of humanity that women have that's different to men.?

We truly hope the sexism shift happens sooner, rather than later.

Via People

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