Networking Site for the Filthy Rich

If you find yourself fed up with the peasantry associated with the likes of free social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook and would rather spend your time connecting with those, like you, who enjoy sailing on 40 foot yachts whilst eating fois gras and other such posh activities, James Touchi-Peters has the answer: Netropolitan, 'the online country club for people with more money than time.'

As per Vice who interviewed its founder, Touchi-Peters, Netropolitan is a brand new networking site designed to connect filthy rich people with other filthy rich people. Us mere mortals will largely be excluded from the community, unless we're prepared to drop $9000 to join the site and $3000 a year thereafter. But as Touchi-Peters explains, the focus is not so much to exclude those who don't have money, but to give those who do the space to converse with one another without being judged.


(A taster of what to expect from your profile page. Bit boring?)

At Netropolitan, you can discuss ?fine wine, fancy cars, and lucrative business decisions without judgment." Unlike the sites we're used to, this one promises to be entirely ad free, which of course makes sense because these guys obviously have so much money, they're hardly depending on banner ads to keep the company going. What's more, it promises complete privacy from those who haven't paid for membership.


"This whole thing started because when I was traveling in my work, I wanted to get in on a social event where basically I could meet people like myself. I know this is a very arrogant thing to say, but I'm an orchestra conductor and I finally had to realize, my life isn't like most other peoples?. It isn't. So I was looking for a place online where I could socialize where people kind of have the same experiences I have had, and I couldn't find it. Then as I did research to decide whether this would maybe be a viable idea, the one thing that really shocked me?and I'm still shocked by this?is that [no social networks have] used the one model that everyone's been using in the real world for at least the last 100 years, and that is charging a fee substantial enough to vet the members when they join. I'm still astonished that no one had tried this previously." Read the full interview here.

So if you had this sort of cash to splash, would you consider joining?

Caroline Foran @CarolineForan

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