Musashi Capel Street

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Dublin doesn't really do sushi as well as other places so finding this newish restaurant on Camden Street was like finding an oasis. Its Chinese owners serve a comprehensive mix of all the old faithfuls, from crispy tempura battered ebi (prawns) and vegetables to noodles and sushi. Fish choices are not expansive (we long for a restaurant that will offer different grades of sushi tuna as well as yellowtail, fresh crab and scallop) but the rice is seasoned and cooked better than in any competing restaurant.? There are also more types of maki (roll) on offer than just about anywhere else, too -it's more of an American classic than Japanese but we love the smoked salmon and cream cheese rolls. Hopefully, the chefs will get more and more creative and it'll be no time ?til we're munching on Spider rolls and Yellowtail with Jalapenos. Bring it on.

Top Table Far back right - basically your only option for parties over four.

What to Drink Green tea and Asahi beer.

Who to Bring A few friends.

Don't leave without Trying unagi (barbecued eel) - absolutely nothing to be squeamish about and inari (seasoned tofu pockets).


In the know Sake is only served hot if it is of a lesser quality. As a rule, steer clear if it's even offered warm.

Extracted from IMAGE Top Tables 2014 Restaurant Guide - COMING SOON!


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