Musashi has a special place in our hearts, so we want to give them some extra loving ahead of the weekend. Their sushi is excellent, fresh and beautifully presented (our friends who lived in Japan tell us so, so it must be true) and their noodle dishes also bear a special mention. But still that's not why we love it so much. Sushi joints always seem to either be a bit kitsch or a bit super-cool, and the great thing about Musashi is that it's neither. Simple pared-back plywood design combined with their laid-back BYOB (no beer allowed anymore) policy make it effortlessly great. What's more it's situated on Capel Street, officially the best street in Dublin. We've spent many a good time there either catching up one on one or celebrating in a big disheveled gang and it's always been great. It manages to feel cosy, whilst still feeling like a treat. The clientele reflect its atmosphere, with suits knocking elbows with acid-denim-clad youths. The cherry on top - - 1:50 per ice-cream scoop for your dessert.



Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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