Mr. Grey Will See You Now

Brace yourself ladies.

The saga of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie has been a short yet turbulent one so far. First the script written by Saving Mr. Banks scribe Kelly Marcel needed Mark Bomback parachuted in for a rewrite. Then original leading man Charlie Hunnam announced he was leaving the role and anyone who had invested their time and risked their happiness levels watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix could finally stop. Then it was announced that Northern Irish model and actor Jamie Dornan was to take on ownership of the red room of pain but that all this casting bedlam meant the release date had to pushed forward to Valentine's Day 2015. How appropriate. Then the fans got all hot and bothered at rumours that this was to be the only Fifty Shades movie and that the S&M-lite book trilogy was to be whittled down into one hopeful hit. And then producers came out and told us that the film won't be as explicit as the book. But that is probably a good thing...

But not all is lost, because we now have a movie poster. Focus Features have released the image, which depicts an unsurprisingly grey palette and Mr. Dornan's delectable silhouette looking out over the Seattle skyline. And there is also an amusing movie website where one can apply to be Mr. Grey's intern.?To keep up to date on more Fifty Shades shenaningans check out the website here.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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