Michelle Obama Wants To Be Beyonc

Who could blame her really? Queen B had better watch out because it looks like First Lady Michelle Obama would be after her job, if things were different.

Michelle Obama sat down with rapper Wale for a short interview conducted via Instagram after she spoke at a Beating the Odds Summit to help teenager's transition to college, and he wondered (as we all probably have), what would she love to do if she wasn't First Lady? Turns out, she'd love to belt out a few tunes (and bust a few moves) Beyonc?-style. Wouldn't we all? Here is a woman after our own hearts.

When asked, "If you had the opportunity to have a different occupation, what would it be?" she simply said: "I would be Beyonc?, I've got the hands.? She even demonstrated a few very on-point moves straight out of the Single Ladies music video.

Beyone and Michelle Obama There's already a lot of love between the pair.

It seems being Beyonc? has been a long time dream of Mrs Obama, as it's not the first time she has openly spoken of her wish to come back as the singer in another life. Being Beyonc? has been a long dream of Mrs. Obama's. In an interview with People in 2012, when asked who she would be if she could be someone else, the she answered a similar way: "Gosh. If I had some gift, I'd be Beyonc?, I'd be some great singer. The power of music, being able to play an instrument ... It looks like musicians just have the most fun," she said.

Beyonc? has previously only had positive things to say regarding the Obamas (she performed for them at the Neighbourhood Ball celebrating the president's inauguration in 2009 as well), so we don't think she'd mind job sharing for a day.

We think the First Lady definitely has her priorities right.

In the interview, Obama was asked a series of other questions, and in particular, we love the advice she'd give to her younger self - ?Don't be afraid and ask for help." Solid advice indeed.

Watch the interview below:


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