Men More Helpful to Women in Heels

The following study may send nauseating shivers down many a feminist's back. Apparently, according to a new French study, men are more responsive and helpful to women who wear heels than to those who do not. In fact the effect can be so strong, women may exert a very tangible power over men, once donned in a pair of Louboutins.

?Women's shoe heel size exerts a powerful effect on men's behavior,?

Arriving at this conclusion, Guegen undertook several experiments, all of which showed that men were far more eager to help women in heels, as opposed to their flat-wearing counterparts.

Though we're not sure how accurate or scientific the following research can be, given that you usually need an enormous sample size to draw such concrete conclusions, let's have a look anyway, shall we? In the first experiment,?Gu?guen sent women in both heels and flats out on the streets in the hopes of soliciting surveys from men, finding that men were more inclined to comply when the woman was wearing heels. For his second experiment, Gu?guen asked a woman to drop a glove while wearing different'shoes, and, you guessed it, similar sorts of behaviour were observed. When the women were wearing flats, they had little joy, but when the woman was wearing heels, they were noticeable more ready and willing to pick up her glove. In the final experiment, Gu?guen simply watched men in a bar, drawing the conclusion that men were quicker to approach women in heels than women in flats.


It's certainly an interesting and perhaps unsurprising theory that men are more drawn to heel-wearing women than those who prefer to be kind to their tootsies, but as Beyonce, The Pussycat Dolls and countless others have once mused in one way or another, independent women don't need men to pick up their gloves, right?

If you do require the help of a man, however, and aren't prepared to just ask, perhaps a pair of Manolos would be a worthy investment.


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