Meet The Female Illustrators Who Are Drawing What Life Is Like As A Modern Woman

Let's take five to look at the femme illustrators who are nailing what it's really like being a modern woman in today's world, and sometimes a picture really does say a thousand words.

All of the artists listed are female (not surprisingly) whose work is based around womanhood, the trials and tribulations we face as women, as well as praising our beautiful bodies and minds. But they go further than that still; exploring the deep trenches of identity, feminity and masculinity, mental health, empowerment, youth, motherhood, social pressures, and relationships. Some are incredibly detailed and abstract, while others are more simplified with straightforward messages.

These artists come from all corners of the globe including India, Los Angeles, and Ireland; providing an intriguing (and very similar) insight into the collective problems that all modern women experience. As a whole, art is an invaluable tool for educating and sharing stories and these artists show just how?tremendous our experiences as women are, while simultaneously highlighting just how powerful paper and colourful lines can be.

Laura Callaghan


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Sara Andreasson


Celeste Mountjoy


Close up of 'ready 4 summer'

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Polly Nor

Got Nothing To Wear

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Frances Cannon

An old one but such a classic!

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Tara OBrien

Grace Miceli

More sad snacks from a few weeks ago for @superdeluxe

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Oliv Roe

Ayqa Khan

ruff draft

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Henn Kim

Vision of you / ?? ?? ?

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