Marion Cotillard Talks Panic Attacks While Shooting Macbeth

Marion Cotillard opens up about the panic attacks she suffered while shooting Macbeth alongside Michael Fassbender.

Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard seems like one of those people that has it totally together. A resum? that would make even Meryl Streep jealous, a handsome actor-director husband in the shape of Guillaume Canet, an ambassadorship with the house of Dior = Life Goals. However, despite all these box tickers, Cotillard isn't impervious to the daily stresses that ordinary humans endure. In the next issue of fashion magazine Porter, the Rust and Bone actress discusses what shooting Macbeth did to her mental health.

According to Page Six, adjectives like ?tough?, ?gloom? and ?total darkness? are employed by the actress. She goes on to confess to suffering from her first panic attack while portraying Lady Macbeth, the ambitious wife of a Scottish nobleman who pushes her husband to commit murder so they can rule the kingdom.

?I never had panic attacks before,? she tells Porter. ?What was funny is I didn't know what a panic attack was, but I had studied it for [a] role I did before . . . I was like, ?Are you kidding me?? . . . I just had to accept I would freak out the whole shoot long.?

While such a reaction is understandable - murderous wannabe queens do not any easy day at work make - there's also a layer of spook to her reaction to the part. After all, Shakespeare's play Macbeth is considered by many thespian types to be haunted. So cursed is it considered that some actors refuse to speak the play's name aloud, referring to it as the Scottish Play.


Some outlets are claiming the play's curse is already in full force after Marion didn't attend the film's premiere in Edinburgh last night due to exhaustion and sickness. There was also an incidence during filming that caused concern in many after the 39-year-old actress fell into a bog hole while filming a scene opposite Michael Fassbender.

We'd call in sick too.

Macbeth is in Irish cinemas October 2nd.

Via Page Six

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