Make Sure To Catch Dublin's Gin Festival This Weekend

It's Friday afternoon and you need a gin. This is an indisputable fact. The sun occasionally showing face only reinforces this way of living and thinking. Thank the drinking cabinet gods then for the Dublin Gin & Tonic Festival, which has been swinging about the capital's best bars this past week.

Well, if you've been too busy to partake in this celebration of Irish gin - we're fast becoming masters of the spirit - you have tonight and Saturday tomorrow to imbibe discounted premium gin cocktails. There are 30 bars and restaurants participating. Here's the complete list:

57 The Headline, Bagots Hutton, Bar Rustic, Bison Bar, Brasserie 66, Bull & Castle, Candlelight Bar, Coppinger Row, Diep Le Shaker, Drury Buildings, Eastside Tavern, Ely CHQ, Fade Street Social, Lillies Bordello, Mary's Bar, Peruke & Periwig, Rock Lobster, San Lorenzo's, Sophies, South William, The Blind Pig, The?Gin?Palace, The Liquor Rooms, The Meeting House, The Mint Bar at The Westin Hotel, The Morgan Hotel, The Pembroke, Upstairs at Kinara Kitchen, Vintage Cocktail Club, Yamamori Izakaya.


Each of these venues will be selling a G&T cocktail at a 30% discount to people with €5 wristbands, which you can conveniently buy at the bar. See Facebook for more details.

Raise your glasses - we're going for an after work tipple.

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