Magic Mike XXL Dublin Premiere

Prudes and people who think Male Stripper Movie should not be a genre - this post is not for you. This is for women who want to be worshipped, exalted and treated to Channing Tatum's rendition of Pony by Ginuwine.

Last night The Luckiest Women in Dublin descended upon the Savoy cinema for the Irish premiere of Magi Mike XXL, the sequel to feminist classic Magic Mike. Check us all out in the photos above. There was a lot more natural blush in the foyer after the screening. Let's just say that the last scene in the movie will change your life.

You're probably asking yourself, but is it any good? All we can say to that is an all caps YES. The movie is fun, silly and sexy. All the acting is great. Matt Bomer has a presence on screen that is just engaged. It felt like he was in bed with us. Channing nails Pony, again. Which is a slight pun for those who have witnessed the wonder that is Magic Mike XXL. However, the real star of the show is Joe Manganiello. There's a scene involving him in a convenience store that made us make the type of noises that belong in private.

Our immediate reactions after the movie were FIVE STARS and then we went along to The Liquor Rooms for an actual strip show. We have rarely felt more alive.



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