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We asked James Kavanagh to take a look at the series being hailed as the 'gay Girls'. Set in San Francisco, it follows three friends on their shenanigans about town and so far it's being well received. It starts tonight on Sky Atlantic but here James gives us a little sneak preview of what to expect -?

Looking is today's Queer as Folk. It seems to be a show about a group of guys who just happen to be gay rather than a show about gay guys whose lives revolve around being gay. It (thankfully) doesn't seem to focus on pill-popping, white-D&G-belt-wearing gays who go to clubs that have ?Muscle Marys? dancing for their lives on bar tops. Which can be fun, but it's refreshing to see a show that isn't solely about a hoard of stereotypes we've become so familiar with.

While it's void of the glitter-tack served by homo shows of bygone times, it looks like it won't let us down in the drama department. ?The show opens with an introduction to the shy and slightly awkward Patrick, who's landed himself a partner in a cruising zone. We then go on to meet his buddies who are poking fun at Patrick's escapade and go on to discuss the up-coming marriage of his ex and how it's bothering him big time. We also witness a couple dabble in a threesome - which ends up with one of them questioning how ?open? they want their relationship to be.


With so many deadly TV shows on at the moment, it takes a lot for me to latch on to one, but I'm hungry for more Looking.

James Kavanagh @jimarama?

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