Interview Prank With Jennifer Aniston

  • by IMAGE

There's nothing more satisfying than watch horrible pranks come to fruition. Poor Chris Stark. If you're not familiar with his name (you should be by now), he's that genuinely awkward but oh so lovely fellow working for BBC radio with Scott Mills. He's garnered himself millions and millions of Youtube hits as he adorably charms his way through a rake of high profile junket interviews.

This time, though, the joke was on Stark. Scott Mills managed to convince Jennifer Aniston who's just about always game for a laugh to make Stark's worst nightmare come true during her interview.

Behold, the most awkward interview since time began. Thankfully, it's all a big joke and Jennifer's not a total wagon in real life.

Well played BBC Radio 1, always thinking outside the box. More like this please, those junkets can be awfully boring at times. Now, we wait with bated breath to see how Chris gets his own back on that divil Scott Mills.


As someone who's sat across many a celebrity, I can assure you that this really is an interviewer's most horrific nightmare.

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