Jeffrey Dean Morgan To Join The Good Wife

Remember Denny in Grey's Anatomy? The patient that Izzie Stevens fell for and somewhere along the way The Fray got a career with their weepie song How To Save A Life?

Well, the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be taking another place in our television hearts after it was announced he would be joining the cast of The Good Wife. He will be replacing the character of investigator Kalinda Sharma, who was played by English actress Archie Panjabi. Panjabi left the show last season and had been a fan favourite from the start. Rumours of her discordant relationship with series lead Julianna Margulies persisted in recent years, with theories about their final scene together been spliced together becoming everyone's favourite television conspiracy of 2015.

When pressed about the furore, Panjabi played it cool and mysterious about whether the farewell scene was constructed thanks to some nifty editing software. She told E! "All I can say is this: the decision-making process is not something I'm privy to.? Which was a shade throwing answer if ever we heard one.

Here's hoping such drama doesn't dog Jeffrey, after all he seemed super chill as Denny. And while we understand that actors are acting, he looks sound, right? Dean Morgan's character will be a series regular named Alex, a private investigator. Already fans are getting their hopes up that this Alex will be a potential love interest for Margulies? Alicia Florrick, a lawyer who rebuilds her career in the wake of a political scandal. As rabid The Good Wife obsessives, we have to say we're a-okay with this casting announcement.


And may we make the case for this new character to have a side business of bar gigs? *Bless ourselves as we recall Jeffrey Dean Morgan's role in P.S. I Love You.*

Via Vulture

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