Jeff Goldblum Says Always Compliment A Woman's Wardrobe Choices

We knew there was a reason we fancied Jeff Goldblum. Not only did he star in the best dinosaur themed blockbuster of all time - sorry Chris Pratt's box office record-breaking six-pack - but he's always showcased the type of intelligent wit that makes a girl with brainwaves swoon.

Now the 62-year-old actor has given us another reason to nod when someone says his name - he's a very chivalrous gentleman. In an interview with GQ, The Grand Budapest Hotel actor revealed that the most important lesson he has learned has been to ?err on the side of restraint? when asked by his wife for an opinion on her outfit.

?The traditional wisdom is of course to be positive,? Goldblum mused. While the actor strives towards being honest on all things, he knows that sometimes that policy is best left to wayside. ?I also feel that in human relations (when not under imaginary circumstances, especially), the way to skin the cat?and the way toward integrity, in fact?is not necessarily always to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. When you go backstage after seeing somebody in a play, I think you have to say, "Wonderful! Wonderful."? So the same criteria, I think, probably applies, depending on your particular relationship with your girlfriend?each one is unique?or your wife. If they really ask, and you have some kind of opinion that you think can be constructive, maybe then. But err on the side of restraint. Restraaaaaint. And say "Mm-mm-mm. Well, you look good in everything! Da-da da-da da-da. Et cetera et cetera.?

Goldblum is married to Olympic gymnast Emilie Livingston, who is 30 years his junior. The couple wed last November and are expecting their first child later this year. And it's not only Jeff Goldblum's personal life that is in bloom, the makers of the sequel to Independence Day have confirmed he will be starring in Independence Day: Resurgence.


Anyone up for a re-watch of The Fly? Or that friends episode where Joey gets a little bit too excited to audition opposite Jeff?


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