J Lo's Green Dress Responsible For Google Image Search

Jenny from the block may be responsible for one of the greatest innovations of the internet age - Google Image Search. How did Jennifer Lopez inspire such an invention that we take as a given in our daily internet lives? Turns out that low-cut green Versace dress the actress slash singer wore to the 2000 Grammy Awards caused an influx of internet search queries on Google. So much so, that engineers realised a dedicated image search engine was what the people wanted.

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Eric Schmidt, Google's executive chairman, revealed the news in an interview about the history of the all-encompassing company. Google was still in its infancy when J Lo rocked up to the music awards ceremony with her date P Diddy. People flocked to the search engine to get a glimpse of the dramatic gown but couldn't see it as easily as we can now.

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?At the time, it was the most popular search query we had ever seen. But we had no sure-fire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: JLo wearing that dress. Google Image Search was born," explained Schmidt.

We're pretty chuffed that a major fashion moment ties in with a major internet one. Take that, anyone who dismisses fashion as a serious endeavour. Totally new meaning to concept of wearable tech.

Via Vogue.co.uk

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