J Law And Amy Schumer Are Writing A Screenplay Together!

Eh, there can be no such better news on this dreary Wednesday afternoon. One of our favourite funny ladies, Amy Schumer has not only teamed up with Jennifer Lawrence in friendship, they're also getting down to the business of writing a screenplay! Where they'll play sisters! Oh be still our beating hearts.

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Jennifer dropped the bomb in her typical adorable scatterbrain fashion, while talking to?The New York Times about the final?Hunger Games?instalment. "It just flowed out of us!" she giggled, confessing that, as we had already imagined, the two just spend their days making NSFW jokes and cracking each other up. Forget that Kardashian game, if there was a virtual world where we could hang out with?Schumer and Lawrence all day, we would have absolutely zero lives outside it.



Following the pictures of the two holidaying together last month, Jennifer admits that they got in contact?when she e-mailed Schumer after seeing Trainwreck?to confess her undying love for her. The two have since been getting along like a house on fire and when Jennifer stops the interview to text Amy to let her know she spilled the beans, Schumer's response is "that you're gay? Totally! It's exciting!".

There's fangirling about other stuff and then there's FANGIRLING about these two. We're doing the latter right now.

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