J.K. Rowling Hits Out At Twitter Troll In Epic Defense Of Serena Williams

Author J.K Rowling has never been afraid to express her thoughts and views on social media (or any other platform for that matter), and for this, we are very grateful. We were particularly impressed when yesterday; she took to Twitter to completely shut down some horrid person who claimed that Wimbledon Queen Serena Williams? (who claimed her sixth title, an incredible achievement), success was due to the fact that she was ?built like a man.? The absolute nerve of the total idiot. Who would demean someone's talent and achievement like that? This tool, obviously.

Anyway, as Serena claimed her deserved victory on the courts, the Harry Potter author was behind her all the way (as was everyone), tweeting her praise and admiration for the tennis superstar:

But when this negative and insulting she's ?built like a man comment? was added, the author saw red. Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 18.45.37


Clearly, someone failed to tell this dude named ?Rob? that you never, ever mess with J.K Rowling, and she won the world over by tweeting this truly epic comeback:

You rock J.K Rowling. The whole thing has since gone viral, and for good reason too. We're sure Serena wasn't too bothered (why should she be, she's a talented stunner and the comments are idiotic), as she was celebrating her incredible win by doing this:?

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