J.K. Rowling Being A Badass On Twitter Will Make Your Day

Author J.K Rowling has never been afraid to express her thoughts and views on social media, and for this, we are very grateful because she is a legend. And there's a major lesson here: if you're going to go up against Rowling on Twitter, you will almost certainly lose, such is the epic-ness of her 140-character tweets. She'll tell you her opinions, take down trolls and even go after and even go after powerful media moguls and his supporters. Scroll for some of her finest Twitter moments - these will make your day.

To kick off, she took aim at someone after they objected to her unhappiness over Trump's appalling?travel ban; this Tweet alone will get her into the badass women on Twitter Hall of fame:

That time she took down a troll on Serena Williams behalf:


This epic burn:

And this one:


Her poignant?words after the US election:

This on-point summary of a businessman mansplaining history to a Professor:


Her refusal?to be silenced:

When she reached breaking point over a printer:

Her no-nonsense attitude to tea:


This solid life advice:


And her perfect Twitter motto:

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