We don't know quite how it became an overnight regular hang-out, but it's undeniable that Izakaya is now a bit of an institution after being around scarcely a year. It has managed to fill that gap that existed in Dublin night life - a place that goes from evening to night-time, from dinner to cocktails without having to change venue. It has become a joyous haven for all late night stragglers and wanderers, with its Japanese grunge combining with Dublin cosiness to make it one of our favourite haunts.


Here's 5 reasons why it's still our flava fav ?

  1. Its weird cocktails - Geisha Nights still wins for us.
  2. The most hardcore (looking) smoking area in Dublin
  3. The incredibly good vibes. Always.
  4. The fact that you'll randomly meet your friends there at 1am on a Tuesday.
  5. Because for a moment - just for a moment - it's not Dublin anymore down there.


Izakaya 12-13 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2, (01) 645 8001

@Roxeenna is partial to the Izakaya Lychee cocktail and a good boogie

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