Is Tom Cruise Getting Married Again?

Remember when you were eight-years-old, and the adult in your life let you pick a chocolate Easter Egg, so you stood in the shopping aisle and freaked out until you made your momentous decision. Then you ate the egg a few days and threw the foil and box towards the bin? That's how Tom Cruise deals with wives.

The 53-year-old actor is apparently on the verge of getting married for the fourth?time, if various Hollywood tabloids are to be believed. And the lucky lady who may succeed the tumbleweed ridden Scientology throne that actress Katie Holmes fled in 2012? His 22-year-old assistant. Tom Cruise is really doing middle age by the ageing Hollywood male book.

Now, maybe this is all nonsense, concocted by ?insiders? who haven't even made the Mission Impossible star coffee. But we think there may be some truth to the rumours Tom and his assistant Emily Thomas may make things legal and serious. Tom and Emily, who is English, have been linked together for months now, with Star reporting they had been dating since the end of last year. Emily met Tom in 2014, after she was hired to work for him on the set of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. This year she's been working with Tom on the set of Mena, an upcoming thriller about a drug cartel informant. Their burgeoning relationship has not gone unnoticed by reporters, nor has Emily's resemblance to Katie Holmes, and Star source says that they are very close on-set, ?He would only leave her side long enough to shoot his scenes, then he'd be right back by her side.?


Star is saying that Tom is on the verge of proposing. Which seems to be his natural state - he has had whirlwind relationships leading to diamond rings three times before. In fact, some people think that the alleged couple's recent trip to Morocco,?they werescoutign Mission Impossible locations together, may have already seen a big question being asked.?However,this time, we suspect Tom will keep well away from syndicated talk show couches.


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