Irish Workers Take Fashion Seriously

Do you wake every morning spry and sunny faced with a head-to-toe ensemble hanging up ironed and ready for the world? Or do fall blindly into a dress while shirking the dawn like a vampire? Dressing for work is either a chore that makes you miss your royal blue uniform and the lack of choice it offered you, or you see your work clothes as a way of expressing yourself and getting across your can-do professionalism.

Past studies have shown that what you wear to the office can affect your own mindset, not just other people's impressions. According to one US study employees feel more productive,?trustworthy, and authoritative?when attired in a business suit. However they consider themselves more friendly and approachable when wearing casual clothes. Other studies have found a more formal look works especially well for women looking to score a managerial gig.

And what about the Irish workplace? Ladbrokes conducted a survey lately that found the Irish workforce actually very fashion concious when it comes to dressing to work, 44% consider themselves to be fashion conscious in the workplace. However, while we enjoy putting on a dapper front 75.8% voted comfort as their top consideration when dressing for work.


What do you think? How important is the work wardrobe and do you think Irish people put the effort in?

Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutun

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