We are currently a little Instagram obsessed. More than any other social media platform it offers you a creative departure from the daily grind with a selection of photographic narratives that can transport and uplift, intrigue and inform. People have now become pretty adept at using this tool, and professional photographers have taken to using it as both a showcase of their work and a new-found toy with some really incredible results. Here's our pick of our favourite Instagrammers -

Elisabeth Erin @elisabetherin?erin_elisabethThis Southern Oregon gal takes some beautiful shots full of whimsy and soul. Nature photos combine with city-scapes to create a unique vision that stretches from the Midwest to the West Coast with more than a touch of Americana.

RuddyRoye @ruddyroye?ruddy_royeReminiscent of legendary street photographer Leon Levinstein, this Brooklyn-based ?Instagram activist? focuses on portraiture and neighbourhood snapshots to capture some of the grimier and most atmospheric angles of NYC.

@ourwildabandon?ourwildThis is a travel-themed treat that captures Canadians Kyla Treathaway and Jill Mann as they travel around taking pictures of their adventures. "Half joking, half serious, we started hatching out a plan of leaving our boyfriends, quitting our jobs and taking off across the country with no destination or return date," Kyla told the Instagram blog. It's got a specific tone and subject that is as much about female friendships ?as it is about travel - a sort of Frances Ha on tour that we have a lot of time for.

#godsownjunkyard??where neon never dies? - godsown_junkIt started as a hashtag dedicated to (and sort of managed by) Chris Bracey's unique collection of neon signs which he either made, collected or resurrected. Stored in impressive style in his East London warehouse, and paired with art-work, they make a bizarre wonder to behold.

Pasaje Lanin @galib?gotlibInstagrammer Agustin Galib is a street-art junkie. His vibrant snaps capture street art in Buenos Aires popping with life and colour. He wanders neigbourhoods and forgotten corners of the city revealing their neglected potential and beauty. A celebratory photo essay dedicated to Buenos Aires streets.


Kat Irlin @kat_in_nyc?kat_nycFrom subway stops to misty pedestrians crossings and skyscrapers, from food to fashion shots, Kat Irlin's instagrams read like atmospheric homages to a dream-like NYC.

Joshua Gordon @joshua_gordon?josh_gordonPhotographer Joshua Gordon works between Dublin and London, running fucknfilthy. His instagrams are a smorgasboard of all things underbelly - night life, fashion, portraiture -? with a little tongue in cheek and a striking smattering of grit.

All images from Instagram.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna

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