IMAGE x Amy: Inside Our First Guest Edited Issue

On the subject of guest editing, the infamous former editor of The New Yorker and Newsweek Tina Brown said, ?It's fraught with roadkill.? And she would know, one particularly bold move being to bring in the controversial Roseanne Barr as guest editor of The New Yorker with an equally controversial cover.

And you can understand the reticence. Visions of someone arriving in with Miranda Priestly-style notions, and equally unrealistic demands ?Just make everything YELLOW!? Or ?Can we have some more fur on that page?? haunt your mind.

So its not surprising that in over 40 years of publishing at IMAGE, we hadn't taken that leap yet. But for our January 2017 issue, we finally found The One. Someone smart, funny and crazy enough to go on this journey with us, and come out the other end with something we are all proud of.

Author and actress Amy Huberman has lent her brilliance, wit and considerable coffee making abilities (okay, maybe not the last bit) to our January issue and it has been a pleasure. Open, engaged and totally up for it, her voice is throughout the pages, as is her hopes, dreams and heroes for 2017. For me, this one, like its editor, is a keeper. Pick it up.


IMAGE January issue, on shelves 22 December 2016.

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