ICYMI: Daniel Radcliffe Is A Great Rapper

We all have that one go-to karaoke tune, and for Daniel Radcliffe that give-me-the-microphone song is a The Real Slim Shady. The Boy Who Lived can rap, folks. The actor was joined by his girlfriend, fellow actress Erin Drake onstage at Cameron's Pub in California this month when he broke out the iconic Eminem song. There's self-aware dancing, a shamrock hanging on the wall, and Daniel Radcliffe does not miss a beat.

Between this and Cara Delevingne's beatbox talents, young actors are really showcasing their versatility/openly shopping for musical roles.


And if the musical career doesn't pan out for the beloved Harry Potter actor, he can always boast about his admin experience. Last week fashion publication Nylon let the Englishman look after their reception. While Radcliffe wasn't great at transferring calls, his front of house manner was flawless.

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